World Film Market Trends

The Observatory har publicerat sin årliga rapport och den hittar ni här. En mindre sammanställning nedan.

The upward trend in cinema attendance persists, with admissions growing by 18.3% in 2023 to surpass 860 million.

  • Gross box office in wider Europe (Council of Europe member states except Azerbaijan) grew by 22.3% in 2023 compared with 2022, from EUR 5.5 billion to EUR 6.7 billion, down by 12% on pre-pandemic levels. 
  • Barbie (US/GB), The Super Mario Bros. Movie (US/JP), and Oppenheimer (US/GB) topped the European box office year-end chart. Astérix & Obélix: L’Empire du Milieu (FR) shone as the most successful European film of the year.
  • European films accounted for more than a quarter of tickets sold (26.4%), while the market share of American titles achieved a new high of 70.1%.
  • Film production in wider Europe reached 2 347 titles, second-highest figure after 2019. 
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